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"I offer to install the AquaTrip for all of my plumbing customers. New and old homes have water leaks that cause major damage. Older homes with Poly B water lines are known for leaks. The AquaTrip is a simple solution for plumbing leak detection."

~ Nik S.

"My lawyer recommend that I call AFA Systems to asses my fridge water line that had flooded my apartment and damaged 3 other units in my building. In the end I was liable for the damage, not the property manager. This was a painfully and expensive ordeal and I now know what water leaks can do. The AquaTrip would have stopped the leak and I would not be in this mess! Do yourself a favour and call AFA Systems for the AquaTrip.

 ~Phillip H.

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Reducing Risk and Saving Money! 

Shortly after the AquaTrip was installed in Brett's office, his hot water tank began to leak in the ceiling. Thanks to the automatic shut off valve in the AquaTrip, no damage resulted and the tank that could have created thousands of dollars of damage was replace. 

If you are instead in offering the AquaTrip for your plumbing business, give us a call to discuss contractor purchasing rates. Check out our contractor page for more information.

"I manage a successful insurance brokerage and I have an AquaTrip in my home, both of my children's homes as well as in my office. This was a no brainer because I deal with clients all day that suffer from water damage insurance claims."
~ Brett G.

If you or your condo community is interested in water damage protection with the AquaTrip leak detection system, group discounts are available. Contact AFA Systems for details. 

"After receiving a $470 water bill for an unknown water leak on my property, I called AFA Systems for an Aquatrip. I was able to explain to the county what had happened and showed them the proactive way I was going to make sure this never happened again. I got my bill reduced and now I save on my home insurance too! "

~ Gavin J.

Gavin, his mother and friend's homes are now protected from high cost of water bills from unknown water leaks with the AquaTrip wireless system. Book you installation today!

If you are instead in specifying the AquaTrip for your next mechanical engineering design, give us a call to discuss possible design solutions. 

"My clients are very aware of water damage. For a recent tenant improvement project mechanical design I recommend the AquaTrip to monitor and protect their office against water leaks. As a mechanical engineer I am always specifying the newest products to help reduce the risk of water damage in my buildings."

~ Halley O