*Insurance savings will vary depending provider. Contact your Insurance broker for details and applicable savings for a "Home Leak Detection System" installed.  

Contractor and Developer Professionals 

Insurance Savings During Construction*

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Reduce water waste

Existing Properties

Insurance Savings*

Benefits to Builders 

Commercial Office Monitoring

Provide the latest in property water conservation with the award winning AquaTrip System. Wether you are designing new residential home construction,  commercial office developments or an existing property. The AquaTrip can be specified the suite your water efficiency plan.  

New Home Construction

Detects unknown water line leaks

AquaTrip Professional Installation Videos


Reduce home turn over date if a leak occurs during construction

Introduction to the AquaTrip System

AquaTrip Wireless Installation 

Property Water Conservation by 

Pass on the insurance savings to your new home clients

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