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Property Water Conservation by 

Insurance Water Damage Risk and Savings

 Ask your insurance provider for available yearly insurance discounts after the AquaTrip is installed.

Water damage accounts for approximately 40% of all home insurance claims, according to data released from Aviva Canada Inc. The average cost of water damage claims rose 117% over 10 years, from $71,92 in 2002 to more than $15,500 in 2012, the insurer says. Aviva Canada paid out more than $111 million in property water damage claims in 2012 alone. The AquaTrip will greatly reduce the risk of major water damage and once installed will save you on your property insurance!

Went on your dream vacation but forgot to shut off your water? No problem! After 48 hours of no water flow, the AquaTrip will automatically switch your home to 'vacation mode' and will not allow water to flow longer than 3 minutes.  

*Insurance savings will vary depending provider. Contact your Insurance broker for details and applicable savings for a "Home Leak Detection System" installed.  

Protect your home with AquaTrip