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An estimated 1 in 4 homes have an unknown plumbing fixture wasting water. A dripping faucet will waste over 700 gallons of water per year! The AquaTrip will detect and shut off your water if your faucet is leaking. Check out how much water and money a dripping plumbing fixture will waste @

Step One: 

Where do I waste water in my home?

25% of residential toilets leak and waste water constantly and unknown to the home owner. A common reason why toilets will leak is an old or worn–out toilet flapper (e.g., valve seal). Flappers are inexpensive rubber parts that can build up minerals or decay over time. Replacing them can be a quick and easy fix for your water woes. The AquaTrip will detect and shut off your water if your toilet is leaking. To fix this leak, consult your local hardware store, home improvement retailer, or licensed plumber.

Install the AquaTrip Leak Detection System in your home from a qualified plumber. Once installed the AquaTrip will detect all plumbing fixture or water lines that may be leaking and wasting water. Have the leaks repaired the start conserving water and saving on your water bill.  

Step Three:

Sustainability focused Government municipalities choose the AquaTrip to help reduce household water waste and conserve treated drinking water. Take advantage of the tax rebates in your area with a water conserving AquaTrip System installed. If you are interested in reducing water waste and lowering the total water usage in your community, simply add "AquaTrip System" or "Active Time Based Water Leak Protection Systems" to the water conservation tax rebate program.    

Submit the certificate of AquaTrip installation and verification from the certified plumber that all known water leaks were repaired to your Municipality or County for applicable tax rebate.

The AquaTrip has been awarded multiple awards for water conservation and innovation. 2014 "Green Lifestyle Award" for water saving product. 2013 "Consumer Product of the Year" from Smart Approved WaterMark. 2012 National SaveWater Award for best "Technical Innovation in Water Saving".  

Enjoy your water efficient home and share the message with your friends and family!

Step Two:

If you have an in–ground irrigation system or outdoor faucet check it each spring before use to make sure it wasn’t damaged by frost or freezing. The AquaTrip will detect and shut off your water if your outdoor faucet is leaking and wasting water. 

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